Saturday, April 09, 2005

Charles & Camilla

What a contrast. In a single day, we turn from death in Rome to life in England!

The music said it all. The obbligato of the pope's funeral was dismal, hopeless, straggling; of the royal wedding joyfully complex, stirring, heavenly, composed by Papa Bach and his spiritual peers in the protestant spirit of obedience to Scripture and new life in Christ.

It was amazing to see these two major celebrities, the prince and princess, confessing their faults and praying to their Lord Jesus Christ for resolve to remain faithful to one another. It would have been even more amazing had these items flowed from their own hearts and minds, rather than from a page written by the Church of England. But that's the problem with religion: an orthodoxy too easily becomes a recitable dogma giving the appearance of piety quite apart from the real thing. This is why Scripture cautions us always to look to the fruits to know anyone's heart.

I'm now turning the television off for a good while.


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