Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My Haircut at Beny's

Just returned from Beny's, over on Bird Road, in Miami. I've waited 8 weeks to get my second haircut there. I wanted Mario, who cut me last time, but the way it worked out I had to go with the other guy. I could have held out for Mario, but that could have been slightly insulting to the other guy. He did a good job. Next time, I'll go with either.

Nobody speaks English in Beny's, which is good. I can converse in Spanish, but only if I have to. My Spanish is so marginal that if the conversation doesn't involve me, it's so much white noise. There are no magazines in Beny's, either. Well, one. It was a very tame girlie magazine, pre-Playboy, filled with Spanish-looking chicks wearing black negligee and garter belts. Maybe the raciest thing Castro permits? I can't say. This old guy next to me was studying it carefully whilst the boisterous talk filled the air. When his time came to be cut, he left the magazine on the chair next to him. Nobody picked it up.

Very pleasant awaiting my turn, and then getting cut, with no requirement to overhear gossip or laugh at jokes or feel mawkish for not contributing.

Forty minutes I spent in Beny's altogether. Relaxing. Quality meditation time. The tab was 6 bucks plus a tip.

I'm already trying to invent a reason to be in Miami in mid-June, for my third haircut at Beny's.


Blogger Phillip McKinnon said...

Tupper in Miami; hey, when you get back from the Turks I'd like to talk with you. My name is Phillip McKinnon and my number is 786 282-9815.

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