Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Being jerked around

Rulers whip their subjects into line by catastrophizing the imagination.  To be catastrophized, you have to believe that rulers speak truth.  You have to be willing to be jerked around.

When CNN means to tell me about the London bombings or about a reporter imprisoned for guarding her news source, the message I get is that the federal government means to jerk me around.  It means, as usual, to deceive me.

Am I paranoid?  Let me recite my understanding of the relationship between government, media, the world, and myself. 

Government does not control the media; it's quite the other way around.  The media actually choose the personalities that run government.  What?  Media aren't the fourth estate?  The watchdog?  Exactly the opposite.  ABC News, The Associated Press, NBC News, CNN, CBS News, and Fox News own a very secret, very private consortium that nowadays goes by the name of Voter News Service.  Expect the name to change soon, if it hasn't already.

VNS provides the software, proprietary and unreviewable by Congressional oversight, that determines America's rulers ~ i.e., the winners in presidential, U.S. house and senate, state gubernatorial, and other select races.  

Today VNS is in like Flynn.  And will be for a very long time. The purpose of the Florida hanging chad operation that barred Al Gore from the White House was to engineer popular consent to VNS.  It worked.  The people consented.  They believed the media and the media chose George W. Bush ~ twice.  Can there be any doubt that the media also chose his wars?  What can you say after you've said "embedded"?  Welcome to cybernetic democracy.

Okay, so who controls the media that own VNS?  Well, the internet is loaded with sites eager to expose the media magnates by name.  But one can get by on a lot less information, information that's also a lot more permanent. All I really need to know is the spiritual basis of the humanity running the media.  Surely it is not Christian ~ by which I mean it (1) does not worship Jesus Christ in spirit and in truth, and (2) does not believe the Bible is the sole infallible authority governing human life.  

By this standard, the media can be ~ as it is ~ controlled by a mix of atheists, deists, pantheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, and nominal Christians such as Roman Catholics and many of the protestant evangelical sects.  At the head of these faiths I put the Papacy, who rules the world apart from the Body of Christ.  Christ rules His own; Benedict XVI is in charge of everyone else, and by divine mandate: "Like as ye have forsaken me, and served strange gods in your land, so shall ye serve strangers in a land that is not yours." Jeremiah 5:19

The Papacy defines social communications as "the press, movies, radio, television and the like," and stated the Church's policy thereon in an important decree entitled "Inter Mirifica" (Paul VI, 1964).  The Catholic Church possesses an "inherent right... to have at its disposal and to employ any of these media insofar as they are necessary or useful for the instruction of Christians and all its efforts for the welfare of souls."  Now, when a Pope says "Christians," he has in mind people whose salvation is dispensed from the Church and its priests, not by the Holy Spirit of Christ Himself.  The "welfare of souls," likewise, is dispensed from the Church's global treasury, which includes all economies dependent upon central banks of issue.  As the old Spanish proverb goes, "Don Dinero es muy Catolico."

Inter Mirifica mandated Catholics to invest their resources in a social communication that would ensure the Church's role in controlling souls who did not look exclusively to Jesus Christ for their welfare.  Since the Pope's official title "Vicar of Christ" is not disputed by any member of the United Nations, nor has been rendered impotent by any judicial proceeding, the conclusion is inescapable that HIs Holiness does indeed rule affairs of the world as Christ's viceroy.  This harmonizes with the declaration, stated in the Bible, that all power in heaven and earth was given to Christ Jesus in the first century.  Since the Church of Rome's history cannot support a claim of consistently Christlike behavior, one must decide that either the Bible is nonsense or that Rome serves Christ as disciplinarian of the ungodly.  The latter is my deduction from history, Scripture, and current events; you can study it in greater detail in RULERS OF EVIL,

In any event, the Papacy, which includes all earthly secular power, does not rule affairs between Christ and His disciples.  In fact, earthly secular power often protects the true Body of Christ from evil in the world ~ just as it was appointed to do thousands of years ago. This is why I heartily approve of the Papacy and its manner of discharging its responsibilities in the Kingdom of God.

The world is terribly wicked and deceitful, so the Christian disciple expects grisly deceptions in all social communication, even human sacrifice disguised as acts of terror committed by a mysterious villainy.  Perhaps the most ambitious, and most ineptly performed, of this generation's deceptions was the 9-11 2001 "attack" on New York and the Pentagon.  You must studiously ignore mountains of hard evidence to the contrary in order to believe the dogma that a gaggle of inept suicidal Muslim fanatics conquered the impenetrable American aeronautical infrastructure long enough to bring down a number of New York skyscrapers and pierce the indomitable Pentagon.  

Truth is, without something like 9-11, it would have been impossible for an American president to ask his people to divest themselves of constitutionally secured rights, along with hundreds of billions in purchasing power to expand his bureaucracy at home and, while he's at it, forcefully restructure governments abroad.  9-11 made the impossible happen.  And now, four years into the impossible, we're benefitting from the economic system spawned by the deception.  Minds that love fiction more than truth have been shaped by a lie that will not be undone, and in this life the real perps will go unpunished.  It's biblical: get used to it.

The London bombings of July 2005, which created the largest crime scene in English history, appear to have been designed by the same team.  Consider the facts.  One day beforehand, the British were against the war on terror, the Ministry of Defense had announced it was drafting plans to pull British armed forces out of Iraq and Afghanistan, while Tony Blair's government enjoyed a less than 15% approval rating.  Eight of the world's leading nations had just gathered in a summit meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland.  G-8 had been forecast to be confrontational.  In the opening session, Blair was seeking  common ground between his American allies and the EU nations.  Suddenly word came of the blasts and carnage.  Blair was rushed to London where he inaugurated, with Churchillian hero-speak, the UK's determination to prevail over terrorism.  The bombings simply checkmated all opposition to the war on terror.  To be against the war now is to be against England.  

The bombings also changed attitudes at G-8.  Murdo MacLeod wrote in The Scotsman that "No one could now appear to be the bad guy... [or] allow themselves to be seen to humiliate Blair in his own country in the wake of such a tragedy." The bombings motivated "the so-called sherpas ~ government fixers who pave the way for agreement when their leaders gather ~ into overdrive," wrote MacLeod, "using the myriad rooms of the Gleneagles Hotel to reconstitute disagreements into compromises... A failure to make some sort of agreement would be seen as a victory for terrorism."

The ease with which disaster improved a government's fortunes made me think of Martin Luther King's assassination on April 4, 1968.  Weeks earlier, the unpopular and dictatorial Civil Rights Bill of 1968 had lost most of its steam in the House of Representatives.  Suddenly, King was shot; six days later the bill swept through the House 249 to 171, and Lyndon Johnson signed it into law on April 11th.  The April 19th issue of Time magazine noted, "King's death immediately realigned forces on both sides."  Of course, evidence produced over the decades acquits James Earl Ray of the assassination for which he died in prison.  This same evidence discloses a plot developed by the rulers of evil, in which Ray was an unaware (and Roman Catholic) pawn.  I knew James Earl Ray, and edited and published his autobiography, "Tennessee Waltz," which you can purchase at

We're talking about military operations here, and don't forget the U.S. President is a General whose official title is Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.  Generals go to school on Sun-Tzu, the oriental strategist whose writings were first published in a western language by the Papacy's war-makers, the Jesuits, in 1772.  Sun-Tzu said that the wise general must deceive his own soldiers, his own people, sometimes even the sovereign he serves, and expose them to dangers and suffering in order to achieve the greater victory for the kingdom.  

Sun-Tzu's most highly prized weapon is the ruse, an action intended to deceive.  For the deciphering of ruses, the world has been trained to depend upon media journalism ~ investigative reporting.  How would American voters have discovered the Nixon administration's policy of deception if not for Bernstein and Woodward?  Once they felt secure that eagle-eyed journalists were tracking corruption in all levels of government, Americans let down their guard.  

The legend of fearless journalism persists, even though most journalists today seem to be afraid of their own shadow.  Reporters, like the rulers they're believed to be monitoring, must subscribe to the dogma.  They must conform to the official line on disasters ~ that Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK by firing three shots at him from the back and one from the front.  They must pretend satisfaction that the evidence buried in the government's furtive demolition of the Murrah Building would have produced no evidence that the damage was done by state-of-the-art nuclear devices planted strategically throughout the building rather than Tim McVeigh's hokey fertilizer bomb. They must pretend to believe that a Boeing 757 squeezed itself into the Pentagon through a hole smaller than the aircraft's diameter and then vanished ~ engines, aluminum, passengers, crew, hijackers, black box, baggage, everything ~ into thin air.  

But let William Rodriguez start talking about his experience on 9-11 and Fearless Journalist is struck blind, deaf, and dumb.  If you know Rodriguez' plight, you didn't hear it through VNS. In case you haven't heard, Rodriguez was the WTC janitor on duty in the basement at ground zero the morning of 9-11. Moments before the jetliner crashed into the north tower, Rodriquez heard and felt explosions rock the basement sub-levels. He says walls were cracking around him. Moments before the crash in the sky. Before, get it? Among the many people he rescued was Felipe David, who was severely burned by the basement explosions. Felipe heard and felt the explosions before the upper crash.

Rodriguez was cited for his heroism, but his factual testimony offends government. There cannot have been sub-basement explosions before the jetliner hit the 90th floor. This ruins the government's and fearless journalism's scenario of lone-nut jetliners.

Non-VNS journalist Greg Szymanski wrote, "Rodriguez said immediately after 9/11 some newspapers picked [his story] up but his words were never taken seriously and [were] quickly forgotten."

"During the 9-11 hearings," said Rodriguez, "NBC brought a crew out to my house and spent a day taping my story but they never did air a word of it. Since then, some reporters and commentators have subtly warned me to keep quiet, told me my life could be in jeopardy and warned me that I really didn’t understand who I was dealing with."

Note that it was reporters and commentators who warned Rodriguez to keep quiet. So all the more reason for rulers to remind us that fearless journalism is still the American way. Ergo, the jailing of Judith Miller for refusing to reveal her sources, a jerkaround designed to lay to rest any suspicion that journalists may not be risking their lives, liberty, and sacred honor to report the truth undiminished.

Hey, Judith ~ if you don't mind suffering to protect your sources, here's one that guarantees a very big story. Meet my friend William Rodriguez.


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That was great writing and reading, Tupper. I didn't want it to end yet though.
As we approach the eve of 2006, I would like to read what else you've given some thought to since you wrote this piece. Any updates? I mean we're still being jerked around. Any end in site, or is it going to get worse?

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