Monday, February 06, 2006

The First Chinese-Americans (?)

Who were the first American Saussys? What brought them here?
Haun Saussy's article explains it all.

Haun is my son. He teaches comparative literature and Asian languages at Yale.

Haun's article ran recently in Ex/Change, a publication of the Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies at City University of Hong Kong.


Blogger fooser77 said...


Is your son by adoption, or via a natural chinese wife? It is difficult to discern via your son's article. My guess is the latter. If via natural, it would seem in addition to the late Bill Cooper you also chose an Asian wife. As one who has yet to choose a permanent partner, I lived in Japan for a good year and had a very good chance of bringing home one from the East. But it was not to be.

I'm still fascinated by the Asians, and would still consider one (either full or EuroAsian) as a life-long mate. My question to you, is (if so), how did you come to know an Asian. And what factors led you to romance and eventually marry one? Any specific tips for locating a suitable mate of this heritage...

Your son's credentials certainly give credence to his immediate ancestors. I'm certainly not surprised after reading ROE and MoMs...

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