Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Intellectual genocide

The DaVinci Code effect

I watch what people take on airplanes to read. Years ago, I bought a copy of Lewis Thomas's Lives of A Cell because I spotted it in the hands of more than a few passengers on several successive flights. A couple of years ago, airborne book-spotting impelled me to read The DaVinci Code. Honestly, this one topped them all. It was as though someone were passing out free copies at the ticket counter.

The Code is about conspiracy, and I've been a conspiracy geek since JFK was shot from in front 42 years ago. I study not only who pulls these monstrous capers off but also the mechanisms that discipline the silence of witnesses and make people comfortable believing lies.

I hoped Code would lead me into exciting new terrain, but the more I got into it, the more alienated from the reading public I became. Alas, Dan Brown's book is all trompe l'oeil: it employs false instruments to discover what appear to be hidden truths. It transforms the believing reader into a wise fool. More tellingly, it leads the believing reader to root for the Roman Catholic Church and to sympathize with worshippers of a pagan goddess. The DaVinci Code mangles the perceptions ~ not exactly what a paying customer expects of a book.

I believe the movie will commit intellectual genocide. I don't plan to see it any more than I plan to suck on a sugar cube soaked in LSD.

There is an alternative to this pack of lies, a book that reveals unseen truths that can actually improve the reader's awareness of how the world operates both theologically and politically. This book is entitled Rulers of Evil. Unfortunately, its author happens to be myself, which means the present article will be self-serving, and you're forgiven for abandoning it without further perusal.

I shouldn't have to hawk my own book. That responsibility once belonged to HarperCollins, who dropped it not long after 9/11. Why? My literary agent believes Rulers of Evil contained information Rupert Murdoch wished to suppress because of his many vital associations with the Vatican. That makes sense to me, and I can't blame Mr. Murdoch for wanting to distance himself from my book. Actually, I was careful not to attack the Church of Rome; I simply presented numerous evidences of its rulership of global political systems, including that of the United States of America.

More than a few readers of my book, who call themselves ROEders, have commented on the similarities between ROE and DVC. Both contain shocking information, but page for page, there's more in ROE than in DVC, and it's infinitely more useful since DVC is fantasy and ROE is fact. "It's the difference," one ROEder wrote me, "between junk food and health food."

Talk about goddess worship. A goddess named "Freedom" stands atop the U. S. Capitol building. That is undeniable fact. Also factual is that she's officially classified as “the only authorized Symbol of American heritage.” What you probably don't know is where she came from. Do you? If not, you'll find out in Chapter 22 of Rulers of Evil. It's an amazing story, and it's not fiction.

Let me tempt you. On December 8, 1854, Pope Pius IX defined the doctrine of Immaculate Conception, the notion (suggested nowhere in the Bible) that the Virgin Mary, like Jesus, was conceived free of sin. Within days of Pius's encyclical, Congress hastened to pass legislation that assured the construction of a cupola atop the Capitol, to be surmounted by a divine woman. According to the official publication The Dome of the United States Capitol: An Architectural History (1922), "Never before or since has an addition to the Capitol been so eagerly embraced by Congress."

Bear in mind, most members of Congress at the time were protestants traditionally leery of anything that smacked of Catholicism. Yet the goddess was sculpted in Rome, and her installation in December 1863 was layered in hidden Roman Catholic ceremony ~ which Rulers of Evil discloses in context for the first time ever.

How could a goddess answering the definition of the Roman Virgin Mary have been hoisted to a position of sovereignty over the lawmaking body of the United States? Rulers of Evil answers this provocative question as well. Catholicism takes control over non-Catholic legislatures through a military organization of which the CIA is merely a component. This is not fantasy. It is fact supported by hundreds of footnotes pointing you to viable sources.

But that's just for openers. ROE establishes that Rome's influence over American government began long before Freedom was set atop the Capitol. In fact, the evidence will lead you, as it did me, to conclude that the American Revolution was a product of Vatican military strategy in which two protestant nations, England and her American colonies, were pitted against one another in bloody battle ~ the ultimate victor being the invisible instigator. Roman victory over the United States was sealed in the American Constitution's prohibition against religious tests being required of governmental office-holders. Today, the majority of Congressional and Senate committee heads are subjects of the Roman papacy, as is the United States Supreme Court. Fantasy? No way.

These facts are not presented in an argumentative, angry manner. Indeed, no one is more comfortable with them than I. There exists in the Bible scriptural authority for the Papacy to do the things it does, and I commend Rome for the sheer cunning and proficiency of its secular operations.

In the latter chapters I discuss how Roman America handicaps only those who choose to ignore the reality of its existence. To know this reality is the first step in establishing one's personal freedom from it. For although Rome rules its subjects harshly, it peaceably excludes all who demonstrate they are ruled directly by the Authority upon whom Rome relies. This kind of knowledge can be incredibly profitable, and is why Rulers of Evil is subtitled "Useful Knowledge About Governing Bodies."

Well, if you've read this far, maybe you're wanting to own a copy of Rulers of Evil. You can find it on the net at all kinds of inflated prices, starting with Amazon and Ebay. If you don't have any money, you can probably find a copy in your local public library.

My website still sells some collector's first edition autographed copies for $50.00, and the regular HarperCollins edition at $19.95. Go here, and pay with PayPal.

They'll never make a movie of Rulers of Evil because it's already running ~ in, through, and around your own life. You won't see it until you open the covers and start reading.